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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 3 / 2016

Criminal Liability for Infringements in the Field of Industrial Porperty
Stojan Arnerstål

Martti Kivistö

Are a Non-Assignment Clause in a Sofware License Agreement Valid and Enforceable?
Torsten Bjørn Larsen

Can Three Identical Notes be a Copyright Work?
Olav Torvund

The International Development of International Intellectual Property Law in the First Half of Year 2016. Animated Meeting Activity but Little Actual Progress
Henry Olsson

Swedish Case Law
Per Jonas Nordell

Public Art Less Public. A Comment to The Decision by the Swedish Supreme Court of 4 April 2016 (NJA 2016 s. 212)
Mats Björkenfeldt
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