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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 1 / 2016

The Editor: NIR is an Unique Database for Nordic Intellectual

Branka Marusic

Can Digital 3D Pictures be Protected as Cataloges or Data Bases?
Emelie Fyhrqvist, Sebastian Wärmländer

Julius Berg Kaasin

Five Years of Administrative Procedure for Revocation of Trademark registrations in Norway
Tord Hestenes

Legal Privileges for Danish Patent Attorneys
Jens Viktor Nørgaard, Janni Wandahl Pedersen, Bjørn von Ryberg

The International Development of International Intellectual Property Law in the Second Half of Year 2015. When a day and a Night has more than 24 Hours
Henry Olsson

A Balance of Interests in Communication to the Public by Linking, but without a Conflict with the Berne Convention? A new ALAI Report Examines the Boundries
Jan Rosén

Mats Björkenfeldt

Swedish Case Law
Stojan Arnerstål
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