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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 3 / 2013

The Proposal for a New Trademark Directive and Double Identity
Claes Granmar

Loss of Exclusive Right to a Trademark due to Passivity
Karin Söderberg

Evaluation of the Claim of Graphical Representation for Tradmark Registration
Erland von Hofsten


The Acta Agreement Divides Europe
Christina Platz

Reinhold Fahlbeck, Marianne Levin, Ulf Maunsbach

Swedish Case Law
Per Jonas Nordell

IPRED, Proportionality, Claims of Evidence and the Notion of Communication to the Public – Much is Covered in the Decision by the Swedish Supreme Court of December 21. 2012 (Bonnier Audio et al.)
Jan Rosén
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