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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 5/2011
p. 423
Daniel Opoku Acquah
p. 444
Ulla-Maija Mylly
p. 471
Danish case law
p. 479
Exhaustion of the distribution right. A comment on the decision by the danish supreme court of 16 february 2010 (Erik August Frandsen)
Morten Rosenmeier
p. 481
Norwegian case law
p. 484
Swedish case law
p. 492
Limitation of right to compensation for damage caused by infringement in industrial properties or violation of trade secrets
Magnus Tonell
p. 499
Swedish case law
p. 503
On holograms as trade marks. A comment to the decision by the Swedish administrative supreme court (Regeringsrätten) (RÅ 2010 ref. 41)
Erika Lunell
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