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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 4 / 2010

Too good to be potected. The exclusion of shapes that give substantial value to the goods from trade mark protection
Caroline Wüeggertz

Nina Barzey

The European Court of Justice has interpreted the criterion of originality and the exception for certain temporary acts of reproduction - Infopaq
Johan Axhamn

The international development of intellectual property law in the first half of year 2009. Some surprising progress but also major setbacks
Henry Olsson


The need for adequate protection within the fashion industry
Jimmy Skogström

Swedish case law
Per Jonas Nordell

A comment to the decision by the Swedish Supreme Court decision of 5 March 2010 and a little bit more about thumbnails
Gunnar Karnell

Swedish case law
Ulf Maunsbach
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