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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2 / 2010

Measures for preserving evidence in intellectual property infringements cases. A conflict with the protection of trade secrets?
Erik Forsin

Equivalency in Norwegian patent law
Håkon Bleken

The doctrine of equivalency as legal norm in Norwegian patent law
Inger Berg Ørstavik

Carola Verena Rienth

Danish case law
Eva Aaen Skovbo, Thomas Riis

Evidence for validity of patent and utility model registration and calculation of compensation – a comment to the decision by the Danish Supreme Court U2009.733H (Semi-trailer)
Eva Aaen Skovbo

Danish case law
Thomas Riis

Violation of the Burberry trademark rights. A comment on U 2009.1018 H (Burberry Ltd. Against Zebra A / S)
Hanne Kirk Deichmann

Norwegian case law
Ida Gjessing

Indirect Patent Infringement. A comment on the decision by the Norwegian Supreme Court of December 22, 2009 (SINTEF)
Are Stenvik
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