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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 5 / 2007
p. 419
The protection of trade names in the practice of the Swedish Patent and Registrations Office and some questions about its examination of prior rights
Magnus Ahlgren
p. 427
Matthew J. Elsmore
p. 447
Accessibility right – copyright. Will the Copyright Act bar public access by electronic means to public documents
Anne Oline Haugen
p. 458
Dag Wetterberg
p. 458
Regulating publishers’ contracts in the Copyright Act
Dag Wetterberg
p. 466
Ulf Bernitz
p. 468
Danish cases
Knud Wallberg
p. 475
A commentary to the Danish Supreme Court case UfR 2005 p. 1438.H (Tivoli)
Knud Wallberg
p. 479
Danish cases
Thomas Riis
p. 497
Domain names in the Danish Supreme Court. A commentary to UfR 2005 p. 3262 (digiytal Marketing Support) and UfR 2007 p. 1857. H (UPS)
Knud Wallberg
p. 500
Swedish cases
Per Jonas Nordell
p. 509
The means of prohibiting unreasonable conditions in agreements about commissioned musical works. A commentary to MD 2006:30 p. 509
Ulf Bernitz
p. 512
Swedish cases
Ulf Maunsbach
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