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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 6 / 2006

A Resolution about increased Nordic co-operation between the NIR-societies and the Nordic authorities

Comment to the NIR-resolution
Jens Schovsbo

The intellectual property jig-saw puzzle
Jens Schovsbo

The world of intellectual property within and outside the Nordic sphere – a progress report
Marianne Levin

Patent claim modification after issuance
Nicolai Lindgreen

Modification of patent claims under Swedish law
Jan Modin, Peter Sande

Trade secrets
Harald Irgens-Jensen

The enforcement directive and its implementation in Finland
Marcus Norrgård

The directive 2004/48/EU of April 29, 2004, on the enforcement of intellectual property rights and Norwegian law
Magnus Hauge Greaker

Special intellectual property courts? Present developments – internationally and nationally
Örjan Grundén

Mediation in intellectual property disputes
Mads Bryde Andersen

Legal Mediation Rules – prepared by Professor, LL. D., Mads Bryde Andersen
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