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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 6 / 2005

Documentation of the XII Nordic Copyright Symposium in Stockholm, May 9–11, 2005

The triumph of the signature
Horace Engdahl

Copyright in head- and tail-wind
Jan Rosén

Technological measures
Peter Schønning

Neighbouring rights in the Nordic Countries
Jorma Waldén

The reform of the Danish Copyright Act with regard to employment relations
Jens Schovsbo

Compensation for copyright infringements – economic aspects
Thomas Riis

Indemnity for non-economic damages
Arne Ringnes

Nordic database protection in the light of EC-law
Kristiina Harenko

Emission rights of broadcasting corporations – “webcasting” as an intellectual property phenomenon
Helge M. Sønnelan

Copyright as a national discipline – the moral rights as an example
Stig Strömholm
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