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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 3 / 2005
p. 225
Computation of damages at copyright infringements
Tobias Eltell, Marcus Radetzki
p. 256
Swedish domain name disputes. Practice according to the system for alternative dispute resolution of the so-called II-foundation
Henrik Bengtsson
p. 278
Rainer Oesch
p. 291
Must carry and must offer
Alfred Streng
p. 302
Comparative advertising and the requirement for a competing line of goods
Adam Weissbach
p. 311
Development co-operation in the intellectual property domain. The Swedish experiences
Henry Olsson
p. 315
The international development. The WIPO Development Agenda. Great clashes of interest regarding the future development of the international intellectual property
Henry Olsson
p. 317
Norwegian cases
Ole-Andreas Rognstad
p. 325
Swedish cases
Ulf Maunsbach, Per Jonas Nordell
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