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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 5 / 2004

The Swedish Copyright Society (SFU) 50 years Addresses on April 27, 2004, at the 50th anniversary of its founding

Introductory speech
Jan Rosén

Ageing in beauty – SFU fifty years
Gunnar Karnell

Victor Nabahn

Copyright in a political perspective
Dan Eliasson

The establishment of copyright precedents by the Supreme Court
Kerstin Calissendorff

The fall and rise of copyright
Henry Olsson

Copyright and its interested parties
Gunnar Petri

Intellectual property sanctions systems and the EU Enforcement Directive
Marcus Norrgård


Hotell Du Nord and equity
Gunnar Karnell

Hotell Du Nord and equity
Lars Henriksson

Danish cases
Hanne Kirk Deichmann

Montana reolsystem) (A commentary to U 2004.1085 H (Montana reol system)
Hanne Kirk Deichmann

Danish Cases
Lone Prehn

A commentary to the decision of the Supreme Court of March 25, 2004;
Lone Prehn
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