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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 4 / 2004

Intellectual property standing
Jens Schovsbo

The requirement of an inventive step for biotech inventions
Kaja Veel Midtbø

The standing of authors and performing artists under the law on contracts – some remarks related to the German law reform
Maria Bruun Laursen

The recent Customs’ Regulation
Louise Unmack Rygaard

International developments – about radio- and television broadcasts and sanctions
Henry Olsson


The liberty of action of copyright management societies and their responsibility as monopolists. Another view about the Hotell du Nord decision of the Swedish Supreme Court
Ulf Bernitz

How far should trade mark law extend? Some remarks on account of the commentary to NJA 2003 p. 163 (Jägarbrännvin)
Eskil Persson

Norwegian cases
Harald Irgens-Jensen

A commentary to the Kværner-decision, Rt. 2003 p. 825
Harald Irgens-Jensen

Swedish cases
Per Jonas Nordell
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