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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 3 / 2004

Henry Olsson

Development of Traditional Cultural Expressions (or Folklore)
Hanna Shev

Silke von Lewinski

Technology regulation in research and development agreements – especially as related to stem cell research
Bengt Domeij

Intellectual property rights in the light of tax law legislation
Bjørn Ryberg

The Danish law on private use in motion
Martin Kyst, Mette Lindskoug, Anne Sophie G. Schrøder

It is moving. A conference about intellectual property law and international private law
Stig Strömholm

Per Jonas Nordell, Jens Schovsbo

Finish cases
Marcus Norrgård

Counterfeiting and transit. A commentary to the decision HD 2002:119
Marcus Norrgård

Swedish cases
Per Jonas Nordell

How far should trade mark law extend? A commentary to NJA 2003 p. 163 (Jägarbrännvin)
Per Jonas Nordell
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