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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2 / 2004

Variety works – protection of sequels and prequels
Hanne Kirk Deichmann

The sui generis protection of databases under § 43 of the Norwegian Copyright Act
Lisa Vogt Lorentzen

The regulation of E-commerce and the responsibility of service providers
Jakob Plesner Mathiasen

Extended collective license agreements
Ole-Andreas Rognstad

Claes Agnvall, Lone Prehn

Sound marks and the requirement of graphic representation of trade marks in the light of the praxis of the European Court of Justice
Sophie Hulgaard

The international development. Clouds over the World Trade Organization and the TRIPs Council’s meeting in March 2004
Henry Olsson

Swedish cases
Per Jonas Nordell

Reasonable tariff – unreasonable rebate? A comment to the Swedish Supreme Court decision NJA 2003 p. 465 (Hotell du Nord)
Gunnar Karnell

Swedish cases
Per Jonas Nordell

The distinctive character of letter marks. A comment to the decision of October 24, 2003 (R1) of the Swedich Supreme Administrative Court
Kajsa Björnheden
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