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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 4 / 2002

The EC-trademark in practice
Niels Lund-Johansen, Knud Wallberg

Do domain names qualify as property for a choice of jurisdiction?
Ulf Maunsbach

Free software and open source code – new types of licenses for compter programs
Mikael Pawlo

Design protection for spare parts etc. The noble art of transforming a political conflict into a legislative product shown difficult to interpret
Lottie-Ann Hulth

Intellectual property’s new domains: genetic resourses, traditional knowledge and folklore. The third session of the relevant WIPO Interstate Committee. General remarks about the work of the Committee
Henry Olsson

Gunnar Karnell

Danish cases
Thomas Riis, Jens Schovsbo

Finish cases
Marcus Norrgård

Swedish cases
Mikael Pawlo
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