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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 3 / 2000

Astri M. Lund, Helén Selemark

The relation between the right to parallel import and national rules about marketing
Ole-Andreas Rognstad

"Consent" and exhaustion - the consent criterion in article 7 of the Trademark Directive
Jens Schovsbo

"Well known marks... and persons" - dogmatic and economic legal aspects on well known trademarks and the protection of the integrity of "celebrities"
Ingalill Aspholm, Max Oker-Blom

New rules for the .se-domain
Mikael Pawlo

Gunnar Karnell

European news items
Helén Selemark

News from Nordic IP Societies
Karin Cederlund, Kenth Muldin

News items
Per Jonas Nordell

Danish cases
Henrik Holm-Nielsen

Finish cases
Tom Groop

Norwegian cases
Astri M. Lund, Birger Stuevold Lassen

Swedish cases
Jenny Johansson, Gunnar Karnell
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