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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 3 / 2000
p. 319
Astri M. Lund, Helén Selemark
p. 320
The relation between the right to parallel import and national rules about marketing
Ole-Andreas Rognstad
p. 337
"Consent" and exhaustion - the consent criterion in article 7 of the Trademark Directive
Jens Schovsbo
p. 348
"Well known marks... and persons" - dogmatic and economic legal aspects on well known trademarks and the protection of the integrity of "celebrities"
Ingalill Aspholm, Max Oker-Blom
p. 373
New rules for the .se-domain
Mikael Pawlo
p. 385
Gunnar Karnell
p. 387
European news items
Helén Selemark
p. 388
News from Nordic IP Societies
Karin Cederlund, Kenth Muldin
p. 395
News items
Per Jonas Nordell
p. 397
Danish cases
Henrik Holm-Nielsen
p. 422
Finish cases
Tom Groop
p. 442
Norwegian cases
Astri M. Lund, Birger Stuevold Lassen
p. 473
Swedish cases
Jenny Johansson, Gunnar Karnell
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