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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 1 / 1999

The editor
Per Jonas Nordell

Per Håkon Schmidt

The Author
Michael Plogell

The qualification of rights to computer programs
Hanne Bender

Copyright protection of computer user interfaces - U.S. case law developments
Per Jonas Nordell

Section 49 of the Swedish Copyright Act - a capercaillie-hare contratary to EG-law
Gunnar Karnell

Sui generis right - the meaning within the data base directive of the notions "extraction" and "reutalisation" with the prerequisite about a qualitatively and/or quantatively "substantial investment"
Henrik A. Jensen

Computer programs and patent protection - Swedish case law developments foremost in the light of EPO-decisions
Lennarth Törnroth

The right to produce copies and temporary storage in a digital net-environment
Katariina Rajala

Commission and copyright
Olav Torvund

Shrink-wrap and "click-wrap" agreements in Swedish and international law
Mikael Pawlo

Software, markets and illegitimate uses
Dan Eklöf

Licensing of software from a copetiotion law perspective
Magdalena Jerner

Directive 96/9/EG of the European Parliment and of the Council of March 11 1996 on the protection of databases - a non official re-translation to Swedish - in the service of the application of law and legal research
Gunnar Karnell

Gunnar Karnell, Per Jonas Nordell

New items
Niklas Bruun, Ella Mikkola, Per Jonas Nordell, Henry Olsson

Norwegian court decisions

Swedish court decisions
Axel Edling, Staffan Eklöw, Christina Folkeson, Christina Helgesson, Ulf Isaksson, Matilda Karlander
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