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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 3-4 / 1997

New Editorial board for NIR
Ulf Bernitz

Developments Finland
Rainer Hilli

Supplementary protection for pharmaceuticals in the legal interspace
Ulf Bernitz

First step protection - the internationalisation of civil inaudita parte search procedures
Gunnar W. G. Karnell

Statements and contributions etc. at the IX Nordic Conference on Copyright Law in Trondheim June 1-4, 1997

Nordic copyright developments since 1995
Mogens Koktvedgaard

International developments, WIPO
Jørgen Blomqvist

Digital technology - its concequences for the law and its application to music and film
Eiríkur Tómasson

Internet and the choice of law with regard to copyright
Peter Schønning

Unbearable copyright
Gunnar W. G. Karnell

Unbearable copyright - so what?
Harald Bjelke

Droit de suite - Panel debate
Kirsten Kirkegaard

Anniken Thorsen

Mats Lindberg

Maria E. Rehbinder

Knútur Bruun

Nordic protection of pictorial items during two decades
Per Jonas Nordell

Pictorial quotations
Rainer Oesch

Copyright towards the millenium
Birger Stuevold Lassen

Gunnar Karnell, Lars Pehrson

News Items
Ulf Bernitz, Henry Olsson, Helén Södergren Selemark

From Finnish courts

From Noewgian courts

From Swedish courts
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