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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2 / 1996

Rainer Hilli, Astri M. Lund

The New Swedish Act on Marketing – Especially the Protection for Manufacturers against Copying
Ulf Bernitz

Maurice B. Stiefel

Design Protection in Europe – The Amended Proposal of the Commission
Joanna Tillberg

Amended Act on Utility Models in Finland
Klaus Roitto

Irremissible Right of Remuneration?
Gunnar Karnell

New Periods for Protection in Copyright Law
Peter Schønning

The Handling of Rights for Film and TV Exploitation; the Effect of the TV and Sat/Cab Directives i Practice
Thomas Nyh

On the Right to Quote – as a Result of the Dagens Nyheter v. Aftonbladet Case in the Svea Court of Appeal in December, 1995
Dag Linde

Gunnar Karnell

News Items
Henry Olsson

Danish Cases

News Items, Cont.
Eva Jarnvall, Jan Rosén
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