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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2 / 1995
p. 153
Rainer Hilli, Astri M. Lund, Per Håkon Schmidt
p. 156
Thomas C. Vinje
p. 169
The Requirement of Distinctivness Regarding Family Names as Trade Marks
Lars Holmqvist
p. 178
Jaak G. Ostrat
p. 186
Fees and Payment Clauses in Licences
Henrik Bergman
p. 212
Ragnhild Walles
p. 218
The Finnish Act on Utility Models. Statistics with Comments
Knud Feiring
p. 220
ADD Aspects on Utility Models
Knud Raffnsøe
p. 227
The Protection of Established and Reputed Trade Marks and Names. Time to Discuss the Conditions and Scope of Protection
Örjan Grundén
p. 242
Debate. Again! Brief Comments on the Case SEG v. Direkt-El as Decided by the Supreme Court of Sweden, April 20th, 1995
Gunnar Karnell
p. 244
Debate. A More Reasonable Balancing of the Protection of Personal Names and Trade Marks
Claës Uggla
p. 247
Debate. Deciding the Inventive Step
Peter Kylin
p. 251
Debate. Publicitaion – in the Act on Providing Compulsory Copies, on Copyright and on Freedom of Speech
Hans Olofsson
p. 255
p. 278
News Items
Eva Jarnvall, Per Håkon Schmidt
p. 280
Danish Cases
p. 301
Finnish Cases
p. 305
Norwegian Cases
p. 310
Swedish Cases
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