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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 4/1994
p. 415
The XXII Nordic Symposium for Industrial Property Law, Borgholm, Öland, Sweden, Aug, 29–31, 1994
p. 417
The Situation Today for Intellectual Property Law in the Nordic Countries
p. 417
Karen Dyekjær-Hansen
p. 420
Eero Mantere
p. 423
Jørgen Smith
p. 426
Eva Jarnvall
p. 435
Gene Technology and Patent Law in a Nordic and European Perspective
p. 435
Mogens Koktvedgaard
p. 444
Bo Hammer Jensen, Anne Secher
p. 460
Monica Lax
p. 463
Per T. Lossius
p. 466
Ragnhild Walles
p. 471
Annika Ryberg
p. 473
The Protection of Spare Parts in a Nordic and European Perspective
p. 473
Kristine Schei
p. 483
Knud Raffnsøe
p. 490
Inga Pöntynen
p. 496
Harald Furu
p. 503
Ulf Dahlgren
p. 507
Esa Korkeamäki
p. 516
A New Nordic Legislation for Trade Marks and Trade Names in the 21st Century?
p. 516
Marianne Levin
p. 530
Claus Hyllinge
p. 535
Sirkka-Liisa Lahtinen
p. 538
Anne Wildeng Hodt
p. 542
Örjan Grundén
p. 545
Claus Hyllinge
p. 555
Gunnar Karnell
p. 558
The Protection against Unlawful Competition, Especially Regarding Protection against Copying in the Nordic Acts on Marketing
p. 558
Marja-Leena Mansala
p. 564
Henrik Holm-Nielsen
p. 580
Marja-Leena Mansala
p. 584
Torvald C. Løchen
p. 588
Ulf Bernitz
p. 595
Astri M. Lund
p. 597
Report from the XXII Nordic Symposium for Industrial Property Law
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