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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2 / 1994
p. 153
Tomas Norström
p. 157
G. R. F. Scouter
p. 165
The Danish Compulsory Licensing Rules and the Free Movement of Goods in the EU
Jesper Fabbricius
p. 178
The Limitation of Procedural Subject Matter and the Right to Appeal–the Development of Praxis at the EPO
Catarina Holtz
p. 193
Subject Matter within the Contents of the Application as Filed–Comments
Lennarth Törnroth
p. 200
Silke von Lewinski
p. 204
Genetic Technology and Patent Law in a Nordic and European Perspective. Report in Nine Parts on the Conference of the Nordic Industrial Property Law Associations on Genetic Technology and Patent Law
p. 204
Introduction and Background
Marianne Levin
p. 209
Genetic Technology and Ethics
Niklas Bruun
p. 212
Legislation and Praxis in the Nordic Countries
Per T. Lossius
p. 216
Are There Biological Principles That Ought Not to Form Part of Patent Demands?
Ruth Kleppe Aakvaag
p. 217
Biotechnological Inventions to Be Regarded as Chemical Inventions
Ole Plougmann
p. 218
Recapitulatory Conclusions
Mads Bryde Andersen
p. 220
Common Position on th eProtection of Biotechnological Inventions
p. 229
Guidelines P 6.14-1 [December 1993] of the Danish Patent Office Regarding the Patenting of Biotechnological Inventions
p. 234
p. 235
Debate. Gunnar Karnell between Wild and Cultivated Strawberries
Anders Knutsson
p. 237
Debate. What Type of Protection for Applied Art Can We Live with?
Marianne Levin
p. 244
Gunnar Karnell
p. 246
News Items
Eva Jarnvall, Gunnar Karnell, Henry Olsson, Jan Rosén
p. 253
p. 255
Danish Cases
p. 274
Finnish Cases
p. 279
Swedish Cases
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