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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2 / 1993
p. 175
p. 176
Intellectual Property Rights within th EC–a Status Report
Karen Dyekjær-Hansen
p. 185
EPO Praxis of Art. 122 EPC "restitutio in integrum"
Catarina Holtz
p. 202
The Kodak Doctrine. The New 6 § 2 Section of the Swedish Trade Mark Act
Richard Wessman
p. 219
Additional Certificates of Protection for Medical Drugs
Peter Dethlefsen
p. 232
Patent Applications and Interlocutory Junction
Bjørn Ryberg
p. 237
The Danish Act on Utility Models
Elsebeth Roth, Niels Holm Svendsen
p. 251
Amendments in the System of International Deposits of Designs?
Tomas Norström
p. 257
Anders Lundberg
p. 266
The Impact of Digital Technology on Copyright Law
Jan Rosén
p. 285
The Supreme Court of Sweden and the Inventive Step
Giovanni Gozzo
p. 293
Monica Sundgren
p. 303
News Items
Eva Jarnvall, Eva Nordman, Anne Wigart
p. 309
Danish Cases
p. 328
Finnish Cases
p. 338
Swedish Cases
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