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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 4 / 1992

Comments on Danish Cases Regarding Decisions of the Patent Board Second Instance to Reject Patent Applications
Mogens Plesner

The Utilization and Exploitation of Another Party's Knowledge of Merchandize
Per Jonas Nordell

The People's Republic of China and International Copyright Law
Henry Olsson

VII Nordic Copyright Symposium, Visby

The EC Harmonization Efforts and Nordic Copyright Law
Mogens Koktvedgaard

I. Discussion 1.6.1992

The Nordic Copyright Law Revision
Johannes Nørup-Nielsen

The Nordic Copyright Law Revision
Thorunn J. Hafstein

II. Discussion 2.6.1992

Nordic Copyright Law in Europe of the EC
Astri M. Lund

Neighbouring Rights – the Rights of Artists and Producers
Raimo Vikström

III. Discussion 2.6.1992

Collective Administration of Copyright
Henry Olsson

The Role of Copyright Organisations in the Nordic Countries and Europe
Gunnar Karnell

Collective Administration of Copyright in the Nordic Countries and Europe
Jørgen Blomqvist

IV. Discussion 3.6.1992

Norms for Private Copyright Agreements
Jan Rosén

Agreements between the Author and the Performing Artist
Harald Bjelke

V. Discussion 3.6.1992

Trends in Copyright Law
Jukka Liedes

Anders Lindqvist, Jan Rosén

News Items
Gunnar Karnell, Henry Olsson

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