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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 1 / 1992
p. 1
Hans Collin
p. 8
The Registration Criteria of the Trade Mark Act and the Concept of Freedom for Public Use
Lars Holmqvist
p. 24
The 1989 Amendment of the Rules on Interlocutory Injunction
Bjørn Ryberg
p. 34
The User Requirement in the Future
Johan Starell
p. 56
The EC Directive on the Legal Protection of Computer Programs
Peter Schønning
p. 74
Thomas C. Vinje
p. 92
A Case about the Liability of Patent Agencies for Patentability
John Peter Andersen
p. 101
Debate. Parody and Copyright
Monika Ålund
p. 113
Gunnar W. G. Karnell
p. 116
News Items
Harald Bjelke, Gunnar Grette, Birgitta Olivecrona, Jan Rosén, Peter Schønning
p. 128
Finnish Cases
p. 132
Norwegian Cases
p. 135
Swedish Cases
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