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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 4 / 1990
p. 491
Debating in the NIR
Torsten Halén
p. 493
Tomasz Trafas
p. 498
Prolongation of the Duration of the Patent. Supplementing Certificates for Protection of Medical Drugs
Lise Dybdahl Østerborg
p. 508
The European Community and the Copyright Organisations – outside and within the Nordic Countries
Gunnar Karnell
p. 525
The Principle of National Treatment in Art. 2 of the Paris Treaty
Marianne Levin
p. 539
Private Use and Agreements on the Use of Computer Programs
Jan Rosén
p. 560
On Originality and Applied Art in View of a Case and two News Items
Per Jonas Nordell
p. 584
Basile Catoméris
p. 591
p. 591
A Copyright Miscarriage of Justice?
Gunnar Karnell
p. 600
Copyright Law Blocking Satire, Parody and Travesty?
Jan Rosén
p. 606
Olof Karnell, Birger Stuevold Lassen
p. 609
News Items
Gunnar Grette, Marianne Levin, Mogens Plesner, Peter Schønning
p. 623
Danish Cases
p. 654
Finnish Cases
p. 657
Norwegian Cases
p. 671
Swedish Cases
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