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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 3 / 1990
p. 323
The Supreme Court of Sweden and the Development of Intellectual Property Law
Ulf Bernitz
p. 331
Compulsory Use in Swedish Trade Mark Law
Lars Holmqvist
p. 351
The Final Report of the Swedish Copyright Committee – a General Introduction
Walo von Greyerz
p. 369
Damages for Infringement of Industrial Property Rights
Eva Karlsson
p. 397
The Underestimated Asset of the Company: The Trade Mark. Introduction by the Editors
p. 398
The Brand Pyramid – the Trade Marks as an Asset of Strategy
Frans Melin, Mats Urde
p. 408
The Value of the Trade Mark
Ingvar Wenehed
p. 417
The Method of Inderbrand
Michael Birkin
p. 426
The Swedish Way of Auditing
Olle Herolf
p. 432
Monica Sundgren
p. 441
News Items
p. 444
Finnish Cases
p. 453
Icelandic Cases
p. 459
Norwegian Cases
p. 466
Swedish Cases
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