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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2 / 1990
p. 139
Jaak Ostrat, Heino Raivet
p. 147
Paul Brügger
p. 164
Theory and Practice in Patent Law Focusing the Doctrine on Equivalence
Niklas Bruun
p. 179
A Gene Technologically Revitalised Fossil of Patent Law? – The Prohibition against Granting Patents for an Invention, the Use of which Would Be Contrary to Morality or Public Order
Gunnar Karnell
p. 194
The Exception from National Treatment in Art. 2:7 of the Berne Treaty
Marianne Levin
p. 215
Ulf Bernitz, Gunnar Karnell
p. 222
News Items
Jan Rosén
p. 225
Danish Cases
p. 273
Swedish Cases
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