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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 1 / 1990

What Would Internation Trademark Registrations Mean to Swedish Industry?
Bertil Strömberg

From the Work within the Swedish State Committee for Employees
Gunnar Sterner

Two Diplomatic Conferences on the Future EC Patent system Status in 1990
Lise Østerborg

Some Considerations regarding Photographic Law
Berndt Godenhielm

Copyright Law and the Law Information Systems
Peter Blume

The Early Stages of Development of Publishing Law and Copyright Law in an International Perspective
Jan Rosén

Stig Henriksson, Jan Rosén

News Items
Bo Davidsson, Lise Dybdahl Østerborg, Gunnar Karnell, Einar Löcken, Claës Uggla

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