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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2-3 / 1985

U.S. Legislation on Protection of Semiconductor Chips
Agne Henry Olsson

Diplomatic Conference – Fourth Session – on the Revision of the 1983 Paris Convention
Måns Jacobsson

Mats S. Pårup

Join Nordic Patent Legislation – Divergence in Case Law. Comments on a Case
Berndt Godenhielm

The Protection of Droit Moral as It Stands – Can It Be Defended?
Thorkild Meedom

Copyright and Public Utility. A Few Words om Composite Works for Teaching Purposes – English Summary.
Jan Rosén

H. Cohen Jehoram

H. Cohen Jehoram

The People's Republic of China en route towards a Copyright System
Agne Henry Olsson

The EC Trademark – a Report on the Amended Commission Proposal
Håkan Sjöström

About the Usefulness of Utility Design Protection
Gösta Westring

Current Trends in Swedish Form Protection
Marianne Levin

T. Oredsson

Torsten Halén, Pertti Kolve, Stig Strömholm, Monica Sundgren

News Items, Amongst others: PCT-Amendments – WIPO information
L. Björklund, Marianne Levin, Staffan Onn, Aud Skipenes, R. Walles

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