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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 1 / 1984
p. 1
The New Agreement of 1983 Concerning the Swedish Radio Companies' Right to have the Copyright of their Employees at their Disposal
Ulf Peyron
p. 8
Protection Provided by Pharmaceutical Patents
Torsten Nøgaard
p. 18
Some Remarks Concerning Introduction of Protection for Utility Models in Denmark
Lise Østerborg
p. 25
The Legal Regulation of Patents in the Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation within the COMECON
Günter Schönfeld
p. 36
The Registration of Hallmarks in Norway
Sten H. Røer
p. 40
News from the Swedish Copyright Commission
Roland Halvorsen
p. 48
Ulf Bernitz, Lars Pehrson, Jan Rosén
p. 53
News Items
Ulf Bernitz, Lennart Grobgeld, Agne Henry Olsson, Stig Strömholm
p. 65
Danish Cases
p. 91
Norwegian Cases
p. 104
Swedish Cases
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