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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 2 / 1983
p. 173
p. 173
The Protection of Distinctive Get-up of Goods according to the Acts on Designs, Trade Marks and Unfair Competition
Virpi Tiili
p. 199
Improving Effectiveness in Patent Litigation–English Summary
Örjan Grundén
p. 216
Patent Demands – Extent and Interpretation
Ole Plougmann
p. 230
Amendments to the Swedish Legislation on the Protection of New Varieties of Plants
Måns Jacobsson
p. 239
James L. Bikoff
p. 248
The Extent of Protection of a Design Registration–Differences and Similarities in Appearance and/or Functioning
Knud Raffnsøe
p. 270
Lars Pehrson
p. 271
News Items
Måns Jacobsson, Anders Knutsson, Agne Henry Olsson
p. 287
Danish Cases
p. 301
Finnish Cases
p. 307
Norwegian Cases
p. 320
Swedish Cases
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