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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 6 / 2012

The Copyright Development in Denmark Since 2009
Peter Schønning

The Copyright Development in Finland Since 2009
Niklas Bruun

The Copyright Development in Iceland Since 2009
Rán Tryggvadottir

The Copyright Development in Norway Since 2009
Astri M. Lund

The Copyright Development in Sweden Since 2009
Daniel Westman

An Overview over the European and International Copyright Development
Jukka Liedes

The Future Structure of the Nordic Copyright Legislation
Jan Rosén

The Future Structure of the Nordic Copyright Legislation
Bengt Hermansen

The Rome Convention
Gunnar Guðmundsson

Orphan Works. What is the Problem?
Morten Rosenmeier

Orphan Woks – a Draft EU Directive
Bente Skovgaard Kristensen

Extended Collective License as a Nordic Model of Solution – Some Reflexions, Particularly Concerning its Legitimacy Abroad
Ole-Andreas Rognstad

WIPO’s Work in the Area of Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright
Jukka Liedes

Taina Pihlajarinne

Extended Collective Licenses in a Cross-Border Context
Johan Axhamn

Cross-Border Licensing – Particularly from the Perspective of Radio and Television Companies
Martin Kyst
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