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Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd
NIR 5 / 2005

Per Jonas Nordell

The Design Protection Act: 100 years, and now what?
Jens Schovsbo

The protection of functional designs
Per Jonas Nordell

Design protection of non-physical objects
Tom-Erik Hagelberg

Parts of a product – an apparent design law dilemma
Peter Adamsson

Protection of applied art against ”close-by copies”. Some reflections about terminology
Morten Rosenmeier

Protection of utility goods – the legal importance of the opinions of the Swedish Copyright Panel for Applied Art
Henrik Bengtsson

Danish cases
Morten Rosenmeier

A comment on the decision by the Danish Supreme Court of March 12, 2003 (the Albertslund-lamp)
Morten Rosenmeier

Norwegian cases
Birger Stuevold Lassen

Swedish cases
Lottie-Ann Hulth

A comment on the decision by the Swedish Supreme Court of April 1, 2005 [no joke!] (NJA 2005 p. 180) (Formsprutarna v. Merx)
Lottie-Ann Hulth

Swedish cases
Peter Adamsson, Ulf Maunsbach, Per Jonas Nordell
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